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Truly Immersive Hospitality Experience


Our beautifully designed suites each with expansive living areas to relax or work. Every suite boasts a fully equipped furniture, providing guests with the choice of in-suite dining or enjoying one of the hotel's celebrated restaurants. Our acclaimed butler service and Key concierges attend to all personal requirements, ensuring bespoke experiences are easily and effortlessly arranged.

This admired address has played host to truly dazzling weddings, events, and parties to the guests with the perfect ambiance to suit the event. Our hotel is just 6 mins away from Kolhapur Railway station and 5 mins from Bus Stand. With Kolhapur Airport a mere 14 minutes away, it is the perfect location for both business and leisure trips.

Hotel Chaitali offers smart and spacious rooms that not only cater to your comfort but also to your business needs. Whether you need to connect with business associates or simply work uninterrupted at a well-equipped workstation in your room, you can rely on our 24/7 efficient staff to make all the arrangements. And while every offering is unique, the things that matter the most will always remain the same - clean beds, sparkling bathrooms, room service, delicious and authentic cuisine.

We strive to make each visit more pleasurable and memorable for all our guests. Delivering one of the finest personal attention in Kolhapur, our Key concierges ensure bespoke experiences at a moment’s notice. Come, experience Kolhapur in its truest sense!